Practice Areas

Our professionals have focused our careers upon becoming functionally excellent in the fields of accounting and finance. We have applied these functional skills to contentious matters involving business disputes where we frequently serve as expert witnesses on topics of damages, fraud and corruption, forensic accounting investigations and insolvency.

The common threads between our areas of practice are that our assignments are normally our clients’ biggest financial problems involving high volumes of data and are adversarial in nature. Our people are accustomed to working in adversarial environments where we are able to gather the facts and assist the parties in decision making, whether on an internal basis or in front of a tribunal, court or regulator.

Each practice area requires independence in the approach we take in our work. Our independent mindset is the foundation that guides our work plans, our reports and testimony. From this foundation, we are able to provide credible advice that our clients can trust whether in a dispute, investigation or insolvency situation.